Winner, Best New Play Award, Brighton Fringe 2012

 "Brilliant! Powerful, moving, funny.. deeply touched. Well cast and spot on timing. We had a fantastic night! Thank you."  Gabrielle Jasmin Baker, audience, Zu, Lewes.


(video relating to our 2012 production. Our 2014 production coming soon, with new cast.) 


It's Sunday lunch, and where the roast should be, there's a tofu wiener casserole instead.

Albert, a butcher, is mortified and questions his wife Jean who has put it on the table.

Why has she?

One of their twins, Mark, a vegan, and his opinionated vegan spiritual-midwife girlfriend Julie, are coming to lunch, and Albert takes it all very personally. 

Twin sister Maddy, is on her way too, with 16yr old daughter, Hannah, who has an intense personal secret she needs to share.

Everyone is converging on Albert's house, including beef-farmer Pete, (father to Hannah's dreamy boyfriend, Andy), abattoir worker Dave, (and his set of large knives), Andy himself, Sam (Albert and Jean's youngest, just back from fighting in Afghanistan, and bearing frightful news) and the spirits of some of the animals that Dave, Pete and Albert have, between them, been instrumental in dispatching.

All is set for a monumental clash of beliefs, values, knives,… and hearts.


"Loved The Last Lunch! I was educated, amused and surprised with the countless twists and turns!  Great play that totally surprised me. Good luck on your tour wowwing audiences across the country. I recommend this play to anyone. Well done!" Magnus Agugu Audience, Zu, Lewes.

On the farm. one boy spends hours, listening to the animals, their cries and calls to each other, to the wind and to the Gods.

In The Last Lunch, butchers and vegans find strange common ground, and common ancient knowledge, locked away in tombs buried for millennia

Now deeply hidden secrets must emerge, and new disturbing secret pacts must be made.

A blood blessing is required. To seal the family in, for ever.

The Last Lunch: '...think "The Archers",

Only with more vegans, more acid,.........oh.......and more ritual murder.'



 We are pleased to announce Something Underground Theatre Company's cast for the 2014 production of "The Last Lunch"

Megan Bay Dorman as Maddy  

Jonathan Brown as Albert

Marie Ellis as Julie

Darren Godbold as Mark 

Emily Jayne as Hannah

Irene Marot as Jean

Mauro Montuschi as Dave 

Jack Spooner as Andy

Owen Templeton as Sam 

Gordon Winter as Pete 

with production support from Daniel Stevens 


and Technical Operation from John Dunne


The Last Lunch is just one of three women-focussed plays from Something Underground in the 2014 Brighton Fringe. 

One woman shows "Smoking Ban" & "Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore", also play at the Friends Meeting House in May. 


Come to our Opening Night of ALL THREE SHOWS on 15th May for ticket prices as low as £4 ! 

You can see them separately, but you can also get a great discount ticket, for just £20 to see all three on nights other than the 15th May

Friends Meeting House 
Ship Street, Brighton. Brighton Fringe 2014 

All three shows play on all these nights....
15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31 May. 

Tickets are now on sale. 

For Tickets Click Here

or call 01273 917272,

or visit Fringe Box Office, 23 Brighton Square, The Lanes, Brighton, BN1 1HD.

or on door.

NB: Tickets bought in cash in person will not be charged booking or credit card fees

All Something Underground Theatre Company performance details: Click here




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Praise for The Last Lunch ...

"Brilliant! Powerful, moving, funny.. deeply touched. Well cast and spot on timing. We had a fantastic night! Thank you."  Gabrielle Jasmin Baker, audience, Zu, Lewes.

"Break a leg for the tour - it's a very powerful, moving play - I was shaken and moved to tears more than once. It has a raw powerful energy as well as a lot of very funny lines." Paddy O'Keeffe 


"thought last night was an absolute delight! Well done. Never thought I would be moved to tears, as we all were, by a chap telling us how close he got to a young male cow... amazing." Gavin Graham, Audience, Brighton.


"Brilliant performance last night. It was very moving. I hope more people see it and make the connections." Denise Friend


"Loved The Last Lunch! I was educated, amused and surprised with the countless twists and turns!  Great play that totally surprised me. Good luck on your tour wowwing audiences across the country. I recommend this play to anyone. Well done!" Magnus Agugu Audience, Zu, Lewes.


"Just saw you at the old courtroom tonight. totally agree with this winning!!!! " Stevie Ruby Red Robinson


"Loved the play - what a twist..certainly makes me glad I don't come from a butcher's family!" Jane Travis.


"I loved the way that you had written & directed the play so that episodic scenes didn't "wait" for one to finish and another to begin; instead you juxtaposed episodes repeatedly so that, in true Shakespearean fashion, the audience gained insights in advance of what the various characters knew. But……….. little did the audience know! Revelation didn't predict the ending! Very clever! That overlaying of episodes made the audience think, kept them backtracking to "see" or seek explanations and connections. That overlaying also made us laugh at one utterance or mannerism and simultaneously gasp and recoil.  I also liked the subtlety whereby you drew us towards certain characters so that we'd take them to be the main players only to find you refocusing our attentions on other seemingly "minor" characters. It kept us on our toes, kept us guessing. Whoever designed the table had it just right; not so much a prop but part of the story. I thought all the actors had been well cast. And I came away with many ideas about your play. Thank you Jonathan! You are a bright guy and I wish you and the Company all the Very Best."  Diana Moon.


The Last Lunch "it was the best experience. I loved your play, and was appreciative of issues looked at in this meaty, intense and truthful way. Coming twice was better as I picked up more, obviously, and the intensity grew, the second night. It was delightful hosting the girls who are both amazing actors and people, as are you..... my friend also found it thought provoking,... Had I watched it a third time, I would have got even more from it...
well done to all of you, you are all amazing actors"
Helen Lunt, Audience, Glastonbury and Bridgwater.

"WOW. Thanks for super play, Last Lunch at Barnstaple Festival. Perfect casting, superb acting from everyone and super tight script. Timings were flawless and the fast pace was great. Both I (veggie) and my non veggie but almost hubby, loved it. WELL DONE! Look forward to seeing you all next year!" Susie Peat, Audience, Barnstaple Fringe


5 Stars, Latest 7 on Licence  

"A perfect piece of fringe theatre. Brown takes you on a complex, funny & harrowing journey. a terrific eye for social observation …a profoundly moving piece of theatre.

If you're only going to see one play this festival, you'd be hard pressed to beat this."

Latest 7, Brighton Fringe 2010 On Licence…..


4 Stars, Fringe Review on Licence  

"… a wonderful, wonderful storyteller & totally captivated us… loved the humour, the darkness, the dangerous territories & the power of the message. I felt we were seeing you unravel a part of your soul...."

Anita Sullivan, Playwright. On Licence…..

4 Stars, The Argus, on The Well

Simply outstanding! Extremely amusing & profoundly sad...every nuance examined with finesse & intelligence. I cannot praise this performance enough…the profundity & humour of his writing. … extraordinary & compelling… a huge talent.

Journalist Ian Reuben On Licence…..

 4 Stars, Three Weeks on Licence

"…beautifully performed & exquisitely written….funny in the right places & thought provoking throughout…..a huge writing & acting talent at work - one of the stand-out nights of the Brighton Fringe" Nick Stockman. Brighton Fringe Manager on Large Print Trash

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